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Privacy Policy


Zeromonopoly is a global business network that connects Buyers and Suppliers; using tools that initiate, restore and preserve commercial relationships between both ends.

To achieve this mission, Zeromonopoly makes certain features and functionalities available through our website, including our mobile optimized website and mobile applications, developer platform, free and paid services, along with any and all other content and information provided as part of Zeromonopoly, SRL.’s services (collectively “Zeromonopoly”, the “Site” or the “Services”) to enable Buyers and Suppliers (collectively, the “User(s)”) to find, connect and engage in business by creating business profiles with in-depth professional and company information. Users can also search for other users on a business directory, view users profiles, showcase on a catalog an unlimited number of products, services, brochures and manuals; share photos, reviews, articles, links and questions; invite associates, create segmentations, send message, request or send quotes and more. Information and content on our services is also visible to visitors and browsers (the “Non-User”) of our Site.

You understand that, by creating an account on Zeromonopoly, you voluntarily and willingly provide us, certain information and content, including personally identifiable information, which we collect and use in order to provide our services. You also accept that your information and content will become public to other Users and Non-User on and off our Site for a more relevant experience, including growing your network and enabling business opportunities.

This Privacy Policy applies to any User or Non-User of our Site. If you have any hesitation about providing information to us and/or having your information displayed on the Zeromonopoly Site or otherwise used in any manner permitted in this Privacy Policy and the User Agreement, you should not join Zeromonopoly; and, if you are already a User, you should close your account.


1.Information Collected

A) Registration

In order to become a User, you must provide us the following information to create an account: your name, business email and password. Like other passwords, you should choose one that is known only by you. We requests other information from you during the registration process, e.g., job title, company name, company address, ownership type, time established; to help you build your profile, get found by other users and to provide you a better and more customized services, e.g., updates, content, more relevant ads and business opportunities.


B) Profile and Catalog Information

After you create an account, you may choose to provide additional information on your profile and catalog, e.g., phone, fax, website, license/certifications, segmentations, products, services, brochures, manuals, recommendations, endorsements and more. Providing additional information about yourself, your company and your products or services beyond what is minimally required at registration is entirely up to you, but providing additional information enables you to derive more benefits from our services, find other users, find more information, find business opportunities and help other users and business opportunities find you. It also enables us to serve you ads and other relevant content on and off of our services.


C) Contacts Information

In order to connect and engage in business with others on Zeromonopoly, you may use the Services to send invitations to other users on Zeromonopoly or email address of people you know if they have not created an account on Zeromonopoly. The names and email addresses of people whom you invite will be used to send your invitations and reminders as well as to allow Zeromonopoly to help expand your network.

Please note that when you send an invitation to connect and engage in business on Zeromonopoly to another User or to a person you may know that has not created an account of Zeromonopoly, that invitee will have access to your email address because it is displayed in the invitation. Your Zeromonopoly associates will also have access to your email address. After sending these invitations, we may also remind your invitees of your invitation on your behalf.

By providing email addresses or other information of other people to us, you represent that you have authority to do so. All information that you enter or upload about your contacts is covered by the User Agreement and this Privacy Policy and will enable us to provide customized services such as suggesting people to connect and engage in business with you on Zeromonopoly.


D) Customer Service

We collect information when you Contact Us for customer support (whether you are a User or a Non-User). We collect the information we need and/or access your profile, invitations, messages, segmentations, catalogs, request for quotations, quotations and any other activity or content; to categorize your question, respond to it, and, if applicable, investigate any breach of our User Agreement or this Privacy Policy. We also use this information to track potential problems and trends and customize our support responses to better serve you.


E) Using the Zeromonopoly Site and Applications

We collect information when you view, interact and use (whether as a User or a Non-User) our Site, mobile and other applications; software and platform technology, e.g., we collect information when you install our mobile application (if any, which may be provided by us from time to time), search for other users on our business directory, visit users profile, view or upload products and services; view or download brochures and manuals; read articles, share reviews and endorsements; invite associates, create segmentations, send messages, request or send quotes; participate in polls and surveys and click on ads on and off our services.

If you are logged in our Site or one of our cookies on your device identifies you, your usage information and the log data such as your IP address, will be associated by us with your account. Even if you’re not logged into a Service, we log information about devices used to access our Services, including IP address.


F) Using Third Party Services and Visiting Third Party Sites

We receive information when you use your Zeromonopoly account to log in or authenticate to a third-party website or application. Also, if you are logged into Zeromonopoly and visit a third party site that embeds Zeromonopoly plug-ins, we will receive information that those pages have loaded in your web browser.

We will use this information to personalize the provided functionality, including providing you insights from your network, allowing you to share information with your network, enabling you to use Zeromonopoly functionality off the Site and serving you more relevant advertising. Zeromonopoly's retention of this data is addressed in Section 1-K.


G) Cookies

We use cookies and web log files to track site usage and trends, to improve the quality of our service, to customize your experience on our Site, as well as to deliver Zeromonopoly and third-party advertising to users both on and off our Site. A cookie is a small data file that resides on your computer, mobile phone, or other device, and allows us to recognize you as a User when you return to our Site using the same computer and web browser.

You can remove or block cookies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases doing so may impact your ability to use our Site. We may use cookie-equivalent technology for the limited purpose of enhancing the security of our services. We do not use flash cookies for advertising purposes.

In the course of serving advertisements or optimizing the services to our users, we may allow authorized third parties to place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. Any information provided to third parties through cookies will not be personally identifiable but may provide general segment information for the enhancement of your User experience by providing more relevant advertising. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, but you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. We do not store unencrypted personally identifiable information in the cookies.


H) Advertising Technologies and Web Beacons

To support the services we provide, as well as provide a more relevant and useful experience for our users, we target and serve ads on and off the Site using ad networks. Ad networks include third party ad servers, ad agencies, ad exchanges, ad technology vendors and research firms. We target ads to users based on general profile and contact information and categories or on non-personally identifiable information inferred from a User’s profile in addition to a User’s or Non-User use of our Site or their clicking on Zeromonopoly ad inventory.

We do not provide personally identifiable information to any third party ad network. We use advertising technologies such as web beacons, pixels, ad tags, cookies and mobile identifiers to more effectively serve ads, as well as to collect anonymized, aggregated auditing, research and reporting for advertisers. Because your web browser requests advertisements and web beacons directly from ad network servers, these networks can view, edit or set their own cookies, just as if you had requested a web page from their website.


I) Log files, IP Addresses and information about your Computer and Mobile Device

Due to the communications standards on the internet, when you visit our Site we automatically receive the URL of the website from which you came and the website to which you are going to. Additionally, advertisers receive the URL of the page you were on when you click on an ad on our Site.

We also receive the internet protocol (IP) address of your computer (or the proxy server you use to access the World Wide Web), your computer operating system and type of web browser you are using, email patterns, your mobile device (including your UDID) and mobile operating system (if you are accessing Zeromonopoly using a mobile device), as well as the name of your ISP or your mobile carrier.

We may also receive location data passed to it from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that you have enabled. The link between your IP address and your personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties without your permission, except as addressed on Section 2-N (Compliance with Legal Process), below.


J) Other

We are constantly innovating to improve our services, which mean we may create new ways to collect information on our Site. We often introduce new features, some of which may result in the collection of new information.

Furthermore, new partnerships or corporate acquisitions may result in new features, and we may potentially collect new types of information. If we start collecting substantially new types of personal information and materially change how we handle your data, we will modify this Privacy Policy and notify you as addressed on Section 5-B (Amendments to this Privacy Policy), below.


K) Data Retention

We retain the information you provide while your account is in existence or as needed to provide you our services, except in the case of our business plug-in impression data, which we de-identify after 12 months.

We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce this Agreement.


2. Uses of Personal Information

A) Consent to Zeromonopoly Processing Information About You

The information you provide to our Site may reveal or allow others to identify aspects of your life that are not expressly stated on your profile (e.g., nationality, ethnic origin, gender, age and more).

By providing personal information to us when you create or update your account and profile, you are expressly and voluntarily accepting the terms and conditions of our User Agreement and freely accepting and agreeing to our processing of your personal information in ways set out by this Privacy Policy. Supplying to us any information deemed “sensitive” by applicable law is entirely voluntary on your part.

You can withdraw your consent to Zeromonopoly's collection and processing of your information at any time, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the User Agreement, by closing your account, but please note that your withdrawal of consent will not be retroactive.


B) Zeromonopoly Communications

As described in the User Agreement, we will communicate with you through email, notices posted on our Site, messages to your profile inbox, or through other means available through the Service, including mobile text messages.

We may send you a series of emails that help inform new Users about the features of the services, and we will also send you notifications and service messages relating to the functioning of the services. We may also send you messages with promotional information directly or on behalf of our partners, including business opportunities and information from companies, unless you have opted out of receiving promotional information.

You can change your e-mail and contact preferences at any time by logging into your account and changing your settings related to your email notification choices.

Please be aware that you cannot opt-out of receiving service communications from us. Also, if we send communications to you via the carrier service with which you have a mobile communications subscription or otherwise have access, you understand you will pay any service fees associated with your receipt of messages on your mobile device, including text messaging charges.


C) User Communications

Many communications you initiate through our Site, including, but not limited to, invitations sent to a person you may know that has not created an account of Zeromonopoly or messages, request for quotations and quotations sent to other Zeromonopoly Users, will list your primary email address and name in the header of the communication.

Communications you initiate may also provide aggregate information about your profile, company and network. Once you have connected with an individual, regardless of who sent the communication, your contact information will be shared with that individual.


D) Customized Experience

We use information and content that you and other users provide to us or to third parties with whom Zeromonopoly offers combined services; to conduct research and development for the improvement our services in order to provide you, other Users and Non-User with a better, more intuitive experience and drive membership growth and engagement on our Site; and to help connect users to business opportunities.

We also customize your experience and the experiences of others on our Services. We try to show you content that is relevant to you, your company or your industry. We also use other Users information and content for invitations and communications promoting our Services that are tailored to the recipient.


E) Sharing Information with Third Parties

Zeromonopoly takes the privacy of our users very seriously, and we do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide your personally identifiable information to third parties, except as described in this Privacy Policy.

We will also not share other personal information not published to your profile or generated through engagement with other Zeromonopoly services without your explicit consent or to carry out your instructions unless, disclosure is reasonably necessary in our opinion to: (1) comply with legal process, including, but not limited to, civil and criminal subpoenas, court orders or other compulsory disclosures; (2) enforce this Privacy Policy or our User Agreement; (3) respond to claims of a violation of the rights of third parties; (4) respond to customer service inquiries; or (5) protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Zeromonopoly, our Site, our Users, our Non-User or the public.

You accept that your profile information and content distributed through our Site and third party integrations will become public to other Users and Non-User on and off our Site. Your profile will be crawled, indexed and displayed through public search engines when someone searches for your information. Content distributed through Zeromonopoly’s sharing features and third party integrations may result in displaying some of your information outside of our Services.

We may share or disclose your non-private, aggregated or otherwise non-personal data and information about the usage of the Services to third parties for purposes that we deem, in our sole discretion, to be appropriate, including but not limited to partners, content distributors, customers, advertisers, contractors, service providers and vendors working on our behalf.


F) Developers using Zeromonopoly Platform Services

We collaborate with and allow third parties to use Zeromonopoly’s developer platform to offer services and functionality in conjunction with and outside of our Site. These third parties are either our partners or have negotiated an agreement to use our platform technology in order to build applications.

If you choose to use combined services or a platform application, you may be asked to confirm acceptance of the Privacy Policy and/or User Agreement of our partner or platform developer, which have not necessarily been reviewed or approved by us. It is your choice whether or not to make use of combined services or platform applications and whether to proceed under any third party terms, and once you do, the third party's terms, and not this Privacy Policy, will govern how they handle information you provide to them directly or through your Zeromonopoly account.

Also, despite our agreements and technical steps taken to restrict access to and avoid possible misuse of information, we may not screen or audit all combined services or platform applications. We also cannot guarantee that any of our partners or platform developer will abide by our agreement. You agree that your use of combined services or platform applications is on an “as is” basis and without any warranty.

If you use any combined service or platform application, our partner or platform developer may access and share certain information about you, such as non-public profile information and information visible only to your associates and connections. This includes information about your associates and connections by virtue of you being connected to others. However, unless you have used a combined service or platform application, it can only access the information about you that is otherwise visible to other Users.


G) Polls and Surveys

Polls and Surveys may be conducted by us, our Site users or third parties. As a User, you may be invited to participate in polls and surveys from the Zeromonopoly Site. Your selection may be random, or it may be based on your non-personally identifiable information, such as User type, company type, geography, category or industry. Whether or not you decide to participate in a poll or survey is completely up to you. After you complete a poll, you will be given access to the aggregate responses of the poll on a results page. Some third parties may target advertisements to you on the results page based on your answers in the poll.

Furthermore, we or third parties may follow up with you via messages regarding your participation unless you have opted out of receiving messages. We may use third parties to deliver incentives to you to participate in surveys or polls. If the delivery of incentives requires your contact information, you may be asked to provide personally identifiable information to the third party fulfilling the incentive offer, which will only be used for the purpose of delivering incentives and/or verifying your contact information. It is up to you whether you provide this information, or whether you desire to take advantage of an incentive. We will not disclose any personally identifiable information to any third parties in connection with the conduct of any polls or surveys. Your consent to use any personally identifiable information for the purposes set forth in the poll or survey will be explicitly requested by the party conducting it.


H) Profile, Catalog and other Services

If you provide, submit, post, disclose, upload, download, share, input, list, offer, negotiate, transfer, email, communicate, send, receive, initiate or otherwise make available; information and content on your profile, catalog and other sections of the Services, you should be aware that it will become public and other Users, Non-User, developers, advertisers and other third-parties; may find, view, read, consult, collect, download, circulate, and use. Also some of your information and content may be searchable on the internet.

We are not responsible for the information you choose to submit to our Services. You can remove your posts from your profile at any time. However, others may have copied and used the information that you shared.


I) Search

Our Services help you search for other users by location, company offers, industry or category, company type, ownership type. You may also find information and learn more about companies, products, services and other contributions to the community aspects of our services that will help users more effectively use our Site and expand their network. We use information from our services, including User profiles, User catalogs and other shared content to inform and refine our search service.


J) Testimonials and Advertisements Placed through Zeromonopoly’s Ads Service

If you provide any testimonials about our services or place advertisements on our Site, we may post those testimonials and examples of advertisements you place in connection with our promotion of these services to third parties. Testimonials and advertisements may include your name, profile photo, company name, company logo and other personal information that you have provided.


K) Advertising and Endorsements on Zeromonopoly

In order to deliver relevant and valuable ads to you and your network, we may use your name, profile photo, company name, company logo and other personal information that you have provided in connection with social advertising based on content shared on our Site. This advertising may include the fact that you have viewed, recommended or endorsed a product or service on our Site, added a new associate, request or sent a quotation, established or added content to your profile and catalog, etc., and will only be displayed to your Zeromonopoly network.


L) Service Providers

We may employ third party companies and individuals to facilitate our services, e.g., maintenance, analysis, audit, marketing and development. These third parties have limited access to your information only to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated to us not to disclose or use it for other purposes. We may transfer your information and process it outside your country of residence, wherever Zeromonopoly and service providers operate.


M) Data Transfers

We may transfer your personal information and content to countries other than the country in which the information was originally collected. Those countries may not have the same data protection laws as the country in which you initially provided the information. When we transfer your information to other countries, we will protect that information as described in this Privacy Policy.


N) Change in Control or Sale of Zeromonopoly, SRL.

We may also disclose your personal information and content to another third party if all or part of Zeromonopoly, SRL. is sold, merged, transferred to another entity, or as the result of a change in control of the company. Any third party to which we transfer or sell our assets will have the right to continue to use the personal and other information that you provide to us in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.


O) Compliance with Legal Process

It is possible that we may need to disclose personal information, profile information and/or information about your activities as a User or Non-User when required by subpoena or other legal process, or if we have a good faith belief that disclosure is necessary to (a) investigate, prevent or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities or to assist government enforcement agencies; (b) to enforce the User Agreement, to investigate and defend ourselves against any third party claims or allegations, or to protect the security or integrity of our site; and/or (c) to exercise or protect the rights, property or personal safety of Zeromonopoly, our users, partners, employees, or others.

We also may retain information from accounts disabled for violations of our terms for at least a year to prevent repeat abuse or other violations of our terms.


3. Your Information Choices

A) Access, Correct and Eliminate Account Information

You can access, correct and eliminate information you have supplied to us. If you update any of your information, we may keep a copy of the information that you originally provided to us in our archives for uses documented in this Privacy Policy.

Information you have shared with others may remain visible in our Site even if you request its deletion. In addition, you may not be able to access, correct, or eliminate information about you that other users copied or exported out of our services, because this information may not be in our control.

Your public profile may be displayed in search engine results until the search engine refreshes its cache. Please Contact Us to request any changes or report errors related to any of your information. Upon receipt of such requests, we will update our files within 30 days.


B) Default Settings

By default, your account is set up to share the information that we have found the vast majority of our Users are interested in sharing. Any content, information, idea, concept, documentation, data, question, comment, technique, activities, negotiation, proposal, specification, requirement, remark, suggestion, image, graphic, chart, diagram, file, invitation and message; that you may provide, submit, post, disclose, upload, download, share, input, offer, negotiate, transfer, communicate, send, receive, directly or indirectly to and throughout our Site, will become public information and content, on and off our Site, that other users and Non-User may find, view, read, consult, collect, download, circulate, and use.

Zeromonopoly accounts are also defaulted to allow users to be contacted to participate in polls, surveys and partner advertising. Because we cannot and do not control the acts of others, you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose information about yourself, your company or others in our Site.

Given the international scope of Zeromonopoly, your personal information may be visible to other Users and Non-User outside your country of residence, including persons in countries that your own country’s privacy laws and regulations deem deficient in ensuring an adequate level of protection for such information. If you are unsure whether this privacy statement is in conflict with applicable local rules, you should not submit your information.

If you do not want your personal information collected and used by Zeromonopoly, please do not visit the Site or register for a User account.


C) Closing Your Account

You can close your account at any time. If you close your account, we will remove your personally identifiable information from our publicly viewable database within 24 hours. You may continue to receive email communications for a short period of time until we have updated all of our databases.

If you close your account, we have no obligation to retain your information, and may delete any or all of your account information without liability. However, we may retain certain data contributed by you if we believe it may be necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse, or for legitimate business purposes, such as analysis of aggregated, non-personally identifiable data, account recovery, or if required by law. We may also retain and use your information if necessary to provide the Services to other Users.

Information you have shared with others, or that other Users have copied, may remain visible in our Site. In addition, information about you that other users copied or exported out of our services may not be eliminated. Your public profile may be displayed in search engine results until the search engine refreshes its cache.

Zeromonopoly disclaims any liability in relation to the deletion or retention (subject to the terms herein) of information or any obligation not to delete the information. We do not control when search engines and other update their cache, which may contain public profile information that has been removed from our publicly viewable database.


D) Memorializing Accounts

If we learn that a User is deceased, we may memorialize the User’s account. In these cases we may restrict profile access and close the account if we receive a formal request from the User’s closest living relative, the company they most recently worked at or other proper legal request to do so.


4. Your Obligations

As a User, you have certain obligations to other Users. Some of these obligations are imposed by applicable law and regulations, and others have become commonplace in user friendly networks and communities such as Zeromonopoly:

  • You must, at all times, abide by the terms and conditions of the then current Privacy Policy and User Agreement. This includes respecting all intellectual property rights that may belong to third parties (such as patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or photographs)
  • You must not download or otherwise disseminate any information that may be deemed to be false, fraudulent, counterfeit, forged, stolen, misleading, misrepresenting, delayed, defective, manipulated, dangerous, unlawful, unavailable, inaccurate, incomplete, illegal, defamatory, threatening, offensive, harmful or which may otherwise violate the purpose and spirit of Zeromonopoly and its Users.
  • You must not provide to Zeromonopoly and/or other Users information that you believe might be injurious or detrimental to your person, your company, to your job or social status.
  • You must keep your username and password confidential and not share it with others.
  • Any violation of these guidelines may lead to the restriction, suspension or termination of your account at the sole discretion of Zeromonopoly.


5. Important Information

A) Minors

Minors under the age of eighteen (18) are not eligible to use our Services. We do not, to our knowledge, collect information from minors. If you believe that we might have any personal information from or about minors under eighteen (18), please contact us here.


B) Amendments to this Privacy Policy

We may modify, add, or delete portions of this Privacy Policy at any time and at our sole and final discretion, with or without advance notice. Any significant changes in the way we treat your personal identifiable information, or to this Privacy Policy, we will display a notice on the Site or by some other means, such as email. Please review the changes carefully. If you agree to the changes, simply continue to use our services. If you object to any of the changes to our terms, and you no longer wish to use our services, you may close your account. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your account.

Your continued use of Zeromonopoly after any such change shall constitute your acceptance to the new terms or practices. This Privacy Policy applies to both Users and Non-User.


6. Security

We employ commercially reasonable security methods to prevent unauthorized access to our Site, to maintain data accuracy and to ensure the correct use of the information we hold. Do not divulge your password to anyone. Our personnel will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited phone call or in an unsolicited email. It is your responsibility to protect the security of your login information.

No data transmission over the internet or any wireless network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we try to protect the information we hold for you, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us. There is no guarantee that information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards. Please note that emails, invitations, messages, and similar means of communication and transfer of information, content, data and documentation with other users of our Site are not encrypted, and we strongly advise you not to communicate any confidential information through these means.

Our Site may contain links to other websites or services that are not under our control. We are not liable or responsible to you or any third person for any actual, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, business interruptions, loss of use, data, opportunities, reputation, profit or revenues; arising out of or in any way connected to any content or third party service provided by or through any linked websites whether linked to or from our Site. We also are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our Site and to read the privacy statements of any other website that collects information.


7. Contacting Zeromonopoly

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may Contact Us.